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While you were watching the bike race

While you were watching the bike race, some other stuff happened. Or, sometimes Tuesday looks a lot like Monday.

Food is always a good place to start. Pete Stetina told us all about eating. And Megabeth helped us figure out what to eat, and what else to eat, and still something else, and a little more. In fact, you can find her whole list of recipes (with pictures!) right here. You have no excuse for going hungry.

We have new national champions in the U.S. Matt Busche won the U.S. Pro Championship road race. Don't recognize the name? Go here. Dave Z won the time trial. We have pictures, so it definitely happened.

Gerard Vroomen is getting ideas. Orange-bike_medium

There was a race in California, and Vanderkitten paid it a visit. Also, the women raced a time trial.

Nancy Arreola of Horizon Fitness stopped by to catch us up with her training and racing adventures.

Doping, doping, doping, Lance, doping.

The HTC-Highroad women won a bike race in China.

We revisited Paris-Roubaix with BTP Films.

Cycling lost a friend.

We met the women's Ronde van Vlaanderen winner, Annemiek van Vleuten.

John Foot talked to us about his history of Italian Cycling, Pedalare! Pedelare!

There was a bike race in Belgium.

We celebrated our finest hour. Eddy Merckx talked to the Cafe.