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Ten Things: Herbie Sykes

You've read the review of Herbie Sykes' Giro d'Italia book, Maglia Rosa, and you've read the interview with the author about the book. At the end of that interview, we added a few more questions to see just how Italian Sykes - an expat Brit now living in Turin - has become. And - in the spirit of Italian polemica - it was decided that the best way of doing that was by posing ten oppositional questions.

Play along with this one at home if you want and give your own answers in the big white box at the bottom of the page.

Maglia RosaPodium Café: Paris-Nice or Tirreno-Adriatico?

Herbie Sykes: Paris-Nice by a whisker.

PdC: Milan-Sanremo or the Giro di Lombardia?

HS: Lombardy by a country mile, then the Tour of Piedmont, then the Tour of the Apennines. I despair of Sanremo.

PdC: David Cameron or Silvio Berlusconi?

HS: My fourteen year-old stepson's a big Berlusconi fan. Does that answer it?

PdC: Premier League or Serie A?

HS: Man City (though only because I'm stuck with them), then Serie B. It's all pretty abhorrent.

PdC: Espresso or tea?

HS: Yorkshire Tea, at least six a day. Marmite and crumpets for breakfast. Golden Virginia. Old dogs and new tricks.

PdC: Pasta or chips?

HS: A nice leek risotto.

PdC: Coppi or Bartali?

HS: Don't know. Probably Gino in a previous life, probably Fausto in this.

PdC: Moser or Saronni?

HS: Saronni until I met Moser, now categorically the Sheriff. Top bloke.

PdC: Strade bianche or pavé?

HS: Pavé. The Strada Bianca's a great race, but I'm not that comfortable about it. It almost seems like we're admitting that cycling's anachronistic, so we're going to turn it into a museum piece. Meanwhile great races like Milan-Turin and the Tour of Lazio have disappeared, and the Apennines and Toscana are in difficulty. It's impossible to overstate the historical importance of these races, and I think RCS ought to focus their efforts on giving them a hand, rather than inventing new ones.

PdC: Gavia or Stelvio?

HS: Pordoi, 34x25. No rush...

* * * * *

Herbie Sykes is the author is The Eagle of the Canavese (Mousehold) and Maglia Rosa (Rouleur).

You'll find him on Twitter @HerbieSykes.

You'll find reviews of The Eagle of the Canavese and Maglia Rosa and the two previous interviews (Part 1, Part 3) on the Café Bookshelf.

Our thanks to Herbie Sykes for taking the time to participate in this interview.