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Polemica Baby! Giro Stage 2 Sprint Replay

Did you get the Amarone? I told you to get the Amarone. It's day two of the Giro d'Italia, and already we have the polemica. Scroll to 3:22, and you can catch the replay. Cavendish, he looks so Italian waving his arms around at the finish. I'm not sure what the HTC-Highroad rider is saying to Alessandro Petacchi right there, but I feel certain it was Not Nice. The two riders later awkwardly shook hands on the post-race show with Mario Cipollini playing the peace-maker. Cavendish feels certain Petacchi came off his line and pinched him. To me, it looks like Petacchi moves to his left, but he never really puts Cavendish into the barricades. No harm, no foul, I'd say but I wouldn't expect Cavendish to agree with me.