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Sep: "Knee troubles endanger my Belgian champs."

Over on Sporza (who quote Het Nieuwsblad), the great Sep Vanmarcke is doing his utmost to make me and a whole bunch of other virtual DSes weep bitter tears. Virtuoso Vanmarcke has trouble with his right knee and is bike-grounded for at least a week. "Only a week?!", you ask? Yes. But a very ill-timed week.


Sep Vanmarcke was in full prep for the Belgian Champs and the Tour de France, after a spring campaign where he got a fourth spot in E3 among other results. But now his prep is all mess up. "Two weeks ago", his Sepness tells his tale, "I crashed on a train crossing. I landed smack on my knee. I have to forfeit the Ster ZLM Toer and Halle-Ingooigem, and thus  the Belgian Champs in Hooglede-Gits is also endangered."

Crying yet? I know I am. But wait! It gets worse.

"The most painful thing is that I was in the preselection for the Tour, but this way there's no sense in me going. The Vuelta will be the alternative", says Vanmarcke.

Sigh. Guess he'll just have to become 2011's World Champ instead.

Picture: slipstream sports, copyright used with permission