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Le Tour: Pick Five and Write!

Tdf-bullseye_mediumBecause you're awesome and we love you, we the Editors invite you to help us cover the Tour de France. Actually, scratch that... we challenge you! Bet ya you can't write a Tour preview! Whaddareya, chicken?

Either way, here's where we're going with this: like last year, we ask you to pick five guys out of the entire Tour and write about their plans and prospects. Any five... with an emphasis on guys who haven't been discussed enough already. Like the kids? Lurve you some Belgians? Got a fetish for the letter K? Do a theme post. Don't like themes? pick five at random.

And as usual, don't worry if you are about to hit "publish" and someone else just wrote up Gorka Verdugo. A couple perspectives on the same guy is cool. Don't deliberately duplicate stuff if possible but... no stress. For me, I plan to start (today) with a big green jersey thing, so you might want to avoid Cav, Farrar, Hushovd and Boonen. Otherwise... go!

Hi! Gav, here! If you remember? Try to tag your five riders posts. It's fun! And easy! Use: Tour de France, 5 Riders. Just like this post. So easy it is.