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Giro Donne Team News Thread

Since we've already got a thread up for theTour de France then it's about time we got one for the Giro Donne for all those little stories that aren't worth a whole thread of their own elsewhere. And remember that once this slides off the main front page, the easiest place to find it is in the Women's Cycling Section.

The most important news so far is confirmation of the TV coverage. RaiSport2 have 45 minutes planned every evening from 19:00 hosted by Piergiorgio Severini and Silvio Martinello. On top of that BikeShowTv are planning an evening show at 21:00 from 30th June to 11th July with Danilo Gioia giving some behind the scenes news, or "colori e alle curiosità". The latter post a lot of their stuff toYouTube, and if you are a member of the Church of Job(s), you can also download an app for your iPhone.

And in proper ridery sort of news, Flavia Oliveira has signed to Vaiano Tepso Solaristech and will be in their Giro team.

Update from Gav! Today seem to be the day that I update other people's stories. So, I'm running with it. Own it, girl, own it! Anyway, I'm just jumping in here to invite any of you lovely people who follow women's racing and are excited about the Giro Donne to contribute a Five Riders story for the Giro Donne. Basically, it's the same thingy as the Tour. You pick five riders who interest you, and write about them. They can be favorites to win, favorites to sprint fast, riders you happen to like, riders whose names start with "T," whatevs. I will have one of these lovely things up soon. So you should do one too! More is better. Oh, and don't forget to tag: Giro Donne, 5 Riders. Thanks and happy Italy Race!