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AFP: Desperately Seeking Sponsor, Says HTC-Highroad


Seriously fast bike racing team (SFBRT) seeks commmitted sponsor for long-term, exclusive relationship. Likes fast bikes, long hard training rides, shaved legs. Drug free. Looking for companion for world travel. Must enjoy big mountains, fast sprints, and podium kisses. The occasional romantic walk on the beach at sunset is okay, too.

HTC-Highroad owner Bob Stapleton told the AFP today that he is desperately seeking a sponsor for the team. HTC will end their commitment as title sponsor at the end of this season, which leaves the team without funding to continue. Money quote!

"If we haven’t secured a sponsor by the end of the Tour de France, we will have to sit down and start considering how to wind down operations," Stapleton told AFP.

Stapleton also said that the doping controversies have made sponsors wary of committing to the sport. According to the AFP story, he is looking for a €10 million commitment per year for three years to keep the team on the road. HTC-Highroad boasts a ridiculous number of wins this season so far and includes some of the top riders in men's and women's cycling. The roster includes 36 riders, who will need new teams if Highroad stops.

The thought of HTC-Highroad folding gives me sads. Please? Please, they can have new sponsor now?