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WIN Your Own Yellow Jumper!!!

How-i-won-the-yellow-jumper_mediumNed Boulting's How I Won The Yellow Jumper offers fans of ITV's Tour de France coverage a behind the cameras glimpse of life on Planet Tour. Those lovely people at Yellow Jersey Press (quite possibly my favourite cycling imprint, from Paul Kimmage's Rough Ride through Laurent Fignon's We Were Young And Carefree and on to Richard Moore's Slaying The Badger) have teamed up with Podium Café to give you a chance to win your own copy of Boulting's book.

In celebration of Boulting's ninth tour of duty at the grand buckle (Ed: shouldn't that be grande boucle?) all you have to do is use your skill, insight, astute cycling knowledge and jammy good luck to tell us who will finish ninth at the Tour's opening stage on Saturday. It really is as simple as that.

But just remember, it's not the first we want. It's the ninth.

As a tie-breaker question, we also want you to predict their time difference to the winner.

How do you enter? Simply post your entry in the big white box at the bottom of the page.

(No big white box at the bottom of the page? Registering to comment really is easy peasy. And you don't have to worry about Podium Café's database getting hacked like what Sony's did - we have the toughest interweb security protocols out there. If anyone even attempts to hack the database, Chris and Gavia will send me out to review them.)

Alternatively, you can also enter this competition via Twitter. Simply follow @PodiumCafe (so we can DM you if you win) and then Tweet us your entry, marking it #PdCYellowJumperComp, naming a name and giving a time for the tie-breaker - eg

@PodiumCafe Mark Cavendish +4'33" #PdCYellowJumperComp

The usual rules apply. One entry per user name. Entries close as soon as the flag drops on the stage start. And the judges' decision will be final. Even if it's wrong. You can try taking the matter to the CAS if you want, but unlike the UCI and the ASO we intend to award this particular Yellow Jumper just once and will brook no appeals.