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iamtedking: No coffee is sad

For those of you tuning in late, Ted King crashed out of Philly this weekend. His front tire went into a nasty crack between the pavement and a drainage grate with somewhat predictable results. L'ouch. Among other things, the injury rules out his start at the Tour de Suisse. He will have surgery on Friday.

From iamtedking:

The emotional roller coaster is partially on account of coming off an exciting podium finish less than one week before. The high highs come crashing down all too quickly to low lows. So maybe among other inspirational quotes that I’ve mentioned uttered from Dear-ol’-Dad lately is, "Pride cometh before a fall." In this case, literally. Thankfully he hasn’t yet said it to me in this instance or I might bop him in the nose. With my good arm, naturally.

There's also an x-ray photo for those of you who are into such things. He has mentioned that he will be watching grass grow and paint dry. Me, I think the Cafe can do better than those boring things. People, help the King of Style out. What should he do while his collarbone puts itself back together? Surely, you have ideas. I know how you people are.

And yes, I have to agree, Ted. No coffee is really really sad.