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Ooh là là, Tour de France Intrigue

According to, the French police have seized a team bus from Quick Step. Follow the link, if only for the photo. Reportedly, the anti-doping authorities are "inspecting" the bus. There's really no details out there yet. Perhaps they don't like Boonen's brand of hair gel? Or, maybe the French police have decided that Gilbert's hair is an offense against Style, and they want to make sure that no other riders fall victim to the lure of the bleach bottle. Okay, maybe not. More on this story as details emerge, of course.

Short Update: The team has reportedly confirmed the bus searching hijinx. The team said that the police have indeed seized the bus, but they don't know what the police are looking for. Now, that's a fairly standard press statement answer under the circumstances, but still sounds a bit funny. Like, you're a cycling team at the Tour de France? I think they're maybe not looking for concealed weapons. Just a guess.

Also: L'Equipe has now updated their story. The French sports paper reports that the Quick Step bus was seized as part of a preliminary investigation opened by the prosecutor in Paris. No details on the investigation just yet.

And, one last update: New headline: Police Search Bus, Find Nothing

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