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Giro Donne Stage 2: The breakaway that got away - Shara Gillow beats Sharon Laws

Giro-donne_medium  Lucky I don't bet on my own predictions, because todays's second stage of the Giro Donne, which rode in a large loop starting and ending at Pescocostanza ended up in a victory for the break. Valentina Scandolara led the way over the big climb of the day getting extra points for her Maglai Verde, then eight riders including Shara Gillow, Sharon Laws, Grace Verbeke, Linda Villumsen and Ina Yoko Teutenberg took two minutes on the rest of the peloton and held out to the end where the first two across the finish line were Gillow and Laws. Shara Gillow also takes the Maglia Rosa for her new Bizkaia-Durango team.


More updates to follow so stay watching.