Jonathan Hivert appreciation post

I'll start by saying I don't mean this to be sarcastic.  Let me explain.  I'm an absolute putz on the bike.  Sure, I ride, even pretend to ride with the fast guys once in a while . . . until the road goes up.  Or, until someone decides to attack.  Or, until someone decides he doesn't like the look of me, and decides to leave me in the dust.

But where I really suck is on the descents!  I'm "naturally faster" than the really skinny guys, but as soon as things get technical, I'm terrible!  I go so slow that people get mad when they pass me, and I still almost fall off in every corner!

That's why watching Jonathan Hivert today was kind of great.  Here's this pro - a bloody good one, too (take a look at his palmarès) - who kind of looked like me going downhill!  Usually these guys seem like gods to me . . . but later today, when I go for a ride, I might actually believe that I'm engaging in an activity similar to the one they do every day.

So thank you Jonathan.  I luv you man.  Really I do.