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WIN Richard Moore's Sky's The Limit!!!

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Skys The LimitThis week HarperCollins - the people behind Bella Bathurst's The Bicycle Book and Daniel Coyle's Lance Armstrong: Tour de Force - have teamed up with Podium Café to give you a chance to win Richard Moore's Sky's The Limit.

You've read the review of the Sky's The Limit and you've read the interview with Richard Moore, discussing some of what the book has to say. It's a pretty solid piece of reportage on Sky's first year and well worth the read, regardless of what your think of the team. Moore offers tantalising glimpses inside the team that swaggered onto the cycling stage with two key objectives: the long-term goal of landing a Briton on the top step of the Tour podium before the half-decade was out; and the short-term goal of not fucking it up the way previous British teams - Hercules, ANC-Halfords and the Linda McCartney Pro Cycling Team - had done.

So what do you have to do to win the book? As Sky's The Limit is all about Team Sky we're making them the stars of this competition. Do we want you to rank a list of David Brailsford's soundbytes in order of bizarreness? No we don't. Do we want you to get your crayons out and draw a picture of Twiggo's broken clav? No we don't. Do we want you to guess how many words will be spilled on the Cav to Sky story before the Manxman finally announces who he's signing with? No we don't.

What we do want you to do is tell us who you think is going to be the best-placed Sky rider at the finish of the Clásica San Sebastián tomorrow. Simple as that, really. For the tie-breaker, tell us the position they'll finish in.

The Team Sky line-up for San Seb is currently listed as: Michael Barry, Christian Knees, Rigoberto Uran Uran, Dario Cioni, Simon Gerrans, Serge Pauwels, Kurt-Asle Arvesen and Xabier Zandio Echaide.

You've two entries for this competition:

1) stick your pick and finishing position in the big white box at the bottom of the page. (Not registered to comment? Rectify that here.);

2) Tweet us your entry, using the hash-tag #PdCSkyComp eg

@PodiumCafe Dario Cioni, 3rd  #PdCSkyComp

Do remember that you have two entries, one on site and one on Twitter. Use them both to double your chances of winning. Use your head here on the site and use your heart on Twitter. Or the other way around.

Same rules as before. If no one gets the right answer, all entries go in the hat. If the tie-breaker doesn't separate multiple correct entries, they go in the hat. The judges' decision is final, no appeals that can be postponed and postponed and postponed yet again will be allowed.

This time around I'm not offering any forfeits if no one gets the right answer. I've learned my lesson after the Tour. You failed to predict the winner on Alpe d'Huez. You failed to predict the ninth rider across the line on the Tour's first stage. Only one of you managed to predict the lanterne rouge when the Tour was done with the Pyrénées. Podium Café's reputation is on the line here folks. Failure is not an option.

* * * * *

You can keep up to date with news from HarperCollins by following them on Twitter: @HarperCollinsUK. You'll find Richard Moore on Twitter: @RBMoore73.

You'll find a review of Sky's The Limit - along with an interview with Richard Moore -  on the Café Bookshelf.