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Scenes From Criterium Week: Roeselare


Man, do Belgians ever love cycling. Even when it's completely corrupt. Our man Patrick Verhoest checks in from his natal city of Roeselare, home to one of the many post-Tour de France criteriums, because apparently all of Belgium is transformed into a carnival in late July, and you need big-name pro cyclists to move that cotton candy. Anyway, they had a race, and nobody knew the outcome until the very, very end. Right. No matter though, this is part of the fabric of cycling, and these pictures start to tell the story...

Who are the kids here to see?


Ah, right. That guy. And here he is...


Apparently his wife has got hold of his wardrobe. After the wedding tux debacle, it's for the best. Oh, and speaking of accessorizing...


Niiiice! OK, who else is here?


Johan! And some local guys, or whatever. What about other racers? I heard Thor was in town?




Ah, better. Thor shows off the smiling technique he learned from Bjarne Riis. Grimstad, indeed. OK, anyone else?


Samu! A Spaniard -- nay, an honorary Basque -- in Belgium? This mightn't end well. But he looks great:


What, no rings tatt? Bettini would be proud. Ok, let's race...


You already saw Gilbert on the attack. Here's the response:


Awesome. Surely Thor is getting geared up to ride the chicken?


Uhhhh... Whatever. Anyway, the home crowd had fun, and in post-Tour week that's all that matters.