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San Seb Smackdown! Has Gilbert Won Yet?


Who ya got? Check out the startlist. Loaded with stars. This would be one of my very favorite races of the year if I weren't so spent from the Tour. Sorta like the riders themselves.

Still, a few names jump off the page. Joaquim Rodriguez is well rested, as are Stijn Devolder, Oscar Freire, Simon Gerrans, Matti Breschel (not a typo!), Greg Van Avermaet, and all of Geox (Mencho, Sastre, Ardila, Cobo...). Less rested but still awesome, in addition to Gilbert, are LuLu (defending champ), Cunego, a trio of Leopards including Frank, Monfort and Fuglsang, JJ Rojas, Hesjedal, Basso, Samu, and Chavanel.

My VDS team will totally rule if Breschel can score 1500 points in the next two months. So I have a lot riding on this race, and to prove it, if Breschel doesn't win, I will once again eat Txirla.