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RIP Carly Hibberd

News has just come in that Australian cyclist Carly Hibberd has died in Italy after being hit by a car while out training.

The 26-year-old had ridden for Italian team Michela Fanini Record Rox for the 2009-10 seasons and had been riding for Cassina Rizzardi A Style Fiorucci.  Our thoughts are with her friends and family.

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Edit: The Australian cycling community has been deeply impacted by Hibberd's death, and Cycling Australia have posted a tribute to Carly.  There's also a moving tribute from the Vanderkitten team in the comments here.  The Giro Donne organisers have paid tribute to her, at yesterday's stage end and with a minute of silence for her before today's stage.  My thoughts also with the riders who knew her, continuing to race around the world.  Rachel Neylan's words moved me:

Stage 7 we will race up the mtn in honour and respect for Carly with the same fun & passion for life & cycling she always showed