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Tour de France Stage 5 Injury Report: A World of Pain

Two words ruled today's stage: Cavendish and carnage. Lots and lots of people crashed, and not all of them got back up either. So, for those who have lost the plot, an injury overview, below the jump.


Video? Yes, video.

Lots and lots of crashes, you see. I think I got them all, but you never know.

  • Robert Gesink: Bruises on elbows, hips and back. Wound on right elbow needs stitching. No indication of fractures. (source: Luuc Eisenga, Rabo)
  • Juan Manuel Garate: After todays crash, x-rays have revealed a small fracture in Garate's upper right arm. Starts tomorrow. (source: Luuc Eisenga, Rabo)
  • Jani Brajkovic: Concussion and fractured collarbone. DNF. (source: velonation)
  • Sylvain Chavanel: Hurt shoulder, hit his head. (source: QST website)
  • Tom Boonen: Hurt shoulder and elbow, hit his head, flesh wound to his buttocks. Dizziness. (source: QST website)
  • Gert Steegmans: Scrapes to his knee and left shoulder, hurt his wrist. (source: QST website)
  • Yaroslav Popovych: "I hope he makes the next stage, because he is hurt pretty bad", says Bruyneel. (source: Sporza)
  • Nicki Sorensen: Taken out by a motorbike. Luckily, I'm ok and am able to ride again tomorrow," said Sørensen. (source: CN)
  • Ivan Velasco: Broken collarbone. Most likely DNS tomorrow. (source: Euskaltel-Euskadi)
  • Alberto Contador: "Thanks for your interest. I'm fine after the fall. Now with ice throughout the body, I'll pass not a good night, but tomorrow all out...:) Here my "summer jersey" " (source: Contador)
  • Other guys who went down, without much damage: Thomas De Gendt, Maarten Tjallingi, Carlos Barredo, Bradley Wiggins...