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Podium Cafe Kit: You Know You Want One

If you don't want to buy a jersey for yourself, do it for one of PdC's Kids.  The poor child below was just minding her own business last October, at mile 100.9 of a 101 mile ride when a curb lip just jumped out and attacked her.  As a result she *wrecked her PodiumCafe kit!*  There are *blood stains!*  And *cuts!*  And *plenty of scuffing!*  (She also dislocated her wrist, broke her arm, and ended up with a metal rod in her arm.  But this isn't about her ability to HTFU.)


Anyway, she's totally fine now.  Except for the kit.  The kit is kind of a mess.  So she wants another one.  Please help this PdC Kid achieve her dream of a replacement kit, and tell us below that you'd like to order one for yourself.  We're about halfway to our goal.  Won't you act today?

Original post on the flip.

Alright, folks, we've got a shot at getting in a second order of PodiumCafe kits.  If you don't already have one, you want one.  I mean, who doesn't want to be just like this? 


Seriously, the PdC kit turns turns anyone into an Alpe-climbing fool!

In order to start a second run, we need to generate a minimum order, which generally translates to 25 of each piece of kit (e.g., 25 short sleeve jerseys, 25 bibs, etc.).  So right now, we're trying to gauge whether or not we can make that minimum before we open up a formal order window.   Ideally we'd be able to order enough that the full selection will be available to anyone who wants it (i.e., long & short sleeve jerseys, bibs, and arm warmers). 

If you want a kit, please drop a note in the comments below (or via email at, telling me what you'd like to order.  For example - "Hi, I think I'd order two jerseys (one long sleeve, one short) and a set of bib shorts."  This is *not* an actual order, and you are not obligated to order.  However, I would ask that you feel pretty committed to it if you tell us you're going to order.  It's no fun to to turn around and refund money to others if we open up an order window and end up not making minimums.

I'll keep a tally for the next week or so, and then we'll make a decision about opening the store for orders.  The terms are expected to be the same as last time (unless Capo changes their prices on us).  The window will be a quick one, closing by the end of August.