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Tour Of Utah Stage 4: A Fan's eye view.

The 16 Hour Drive home yesterday has put this and two other stories behind the curve ball. Here is a small look at what the fan's saw during Saturday's very warm circuit race in downtown Salt Lake City. It was a 7.4 mile 11 lap course that ran past the capitol building and through the main drive of the University Of Utah. A nice combination rolling terrain, long straightaways, and a tough short climb before the finish.





Of course Sponsors have to be prominent every where.



The Capitol Building and surrounding area are very scenic and make a wonderful backdrop for any race.


Every medalist event here in the states includes a "Wellness Expo" of some sort. Really it is a sponsor driven area for cycling types to discover all kinds of the "Newest" great products.


The great part is that the kids usually love it and there are activities for them to keep them busy or freebies to gather up until the race gets started.




Even Princess Parties



A nice Big Screen TV a few feet from the finish line allowed everyone to see what was going on in other spots as the riders made their way around the course. There was a viewing party set up roughly on the opposite corner of the course in Reservoir Park as well that saw a pretty good crowd. The Building on the screen at the time is part of the University of Utah and not far from the Reservoir Park.


One of the best area's for viewing was the tough short climb before the finish. Lots of action here and from what I have heard Danny Summerhill actually rode a wheelie all the way up the hill and around the corner towards the finish on the last lap.


There seems to be no shortage of volunteers ready to ride in this car....


For plenty of other shots around the course check out the full gallery.