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Aspen Women's Pro Race: Passing the Hat!

So remember how when they announced the Aspen Women's Race? And we talked about how we wanted to try to help out? Then, I interviewed Jessica Phillips, and we talked some more about wanting to help out. Pdc_icon_medium

Well, here's your chance. Fred Marx is going to head to Aspen to shoot photos and we're going to run stories every day. Fred will also donate a gallery of shots to the race organizers for their use in promoting the race next year and to show sponsors. Much of the media will be at the US Pro Cycling Challenge, so there will be fewer photographers shooting the women's race. This is a place where we here at the Cafe can make a difference.

We're passing the hat. Help Fred get to the bike race so he can make photos and we can give this new women's race some media love. Fred's costs for travel and hotel will run around $300 for the race. Got a couple spare bucks? Paypal

You know how like when you're at a party and the keg is going dry and you start passing that hat, because really, you never want the party to end, but if the beer runs out, it's totally going to end, and everyone puts in a couple bucks, and before you know it, there's enough money in the hat to buy another keg, though maybe it's only Coors Light, but who cares, because now you can keep partying? This is exactly like that.

If you've got a couple bucks, toss it in the hat. If not? No problem. We'll still share the next keg with ya.