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Aspen Women's Pro Race: Armstrong Savola Is Queen

Anne Samplonious (Now and Novartis for MS) took home a stage win in the finale of the Aspen Womens Stage race, while Kristin Armstrong Savola (Peanut Butter & Co Twenty12) claimed the overall title. It came down to who would work hardest to wrest the crown from the queen.

With a 9 point lead in the omnium-scored Aspen Women's Stage Race, it was Kristn Armstrong Savola's race to lose on the final day. Janel Holcomb and her Colavita/Forno d'Asolo teammates needed to create opportunities for themselves to score. Could they with the help of HTC-Highroad, Now and Novartis for MS, and Primal Map My Ride cause enough trouble in the field to break PB&CO 2012?

They certainly tried. Holcomb, Andrea Dvorak, Lauren Hall and Kristin Sanders all spent time on the front of a twisty criterium course as it wended it's way through Old Town Aspen. HTC- Highroad with Ally Stacher, Emilia Fahlin, Amanda Miller and Katie Colclough contributed, as did Primal.

But they could not break the hold of Armstrong's PB & Co. Twenty12 team. Armstrong and the PB&CO 2012 crew matched all their efforts and in the end Armstrong was crowned the overall winner of the inaugural Aspen Women's Stage Race.



With an eleven corner course it would have been easy for a break to go up the road and be lost around a corner, never to be seen again. A short incline led to the finish straight. Repeated attacks and counters created splits and closed them back down as no one wanted to see a break stay clear.

Colavita went to the front of the race from the gun only to be hunted down by Armstrong and company. HTC-Highroad tried their hand, only to have the race brought back together by Colavita and PB&Co 2012. With the pace high, the peloton stretched a city block long at times to the enjoyment of a sizable crowd. A late race break away containing Samplonious, teammate Robin Farina, Armstrong, and McGrath would finally decided the race.

In the end it came down to a two up sprint with Anne Samplonious (Now and Novartis for MS) besting Armstrong Savola by 3 bike lengths. Three seconds later Lauren Hall (Colavita/Forno d'Asolo) took third in front of McGrath. For her efforts, Hall, a Colorado resident transplanted from Mississippi, claimed the Best Colorado Rider jersey. The final onmium results placed Samplonious second and McGrath third.


Legend: Jeannie Longo

Allison Powers (Tibco /To The Top) and Amanda Miller (HTC-Highroad)

Janel Holcomb (Colavita/Forno d'Asolo)

Alison Powers (Tibco/To The Top)

Amy Dombroski (Crank Brothers) with McGrath and Dvorak in attendance

Katie Colclough (HTC-Highroad) takes a turn 

Liza Rachetto (Primal Map My ride) 

Kristin Armstrong in the drivers seat

Andrea Dvorak (Colavita/Frono d'Asolo) on the front marked by Samplonious, McGrath and Armstrong

Peanut Butter & Co Twenty Twelve

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