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Long Time, No Monday

I bet you thought I'd forgotten all about you, didn't you. Oh, right, she's off surfing, she's never going to show up on Monday again. Okay, last Monday? I was out surfing. It's true! But I'm here today, and ready to do some Monday stuff. All is forgiven?

We've had a week, eh? I feel like it was some kind of world record of simultaneous bike races or something. It looks like pretty much the entire state of Colorado turned out for the bike race there last week.

We were lucky to have several merry Cafesters send in photos from the race. Spot of Bother did some epic chalking during the first two stages, and took along his cooler and camera to Cottonwood Pass and grabbed some lovely shots of the bike racers in the mountains.

Mr. Morales grabbed some shots of stage 1, while PMNL headed out to Independence Pass. WaterGirl headed out to Steamboat Springs and saw some Jens! fans. Also, she saw the bike race.

Then, it was the final day, and Levi was winning the overall, and Spot of Bother went to Denver to see the final stage. His chalk went too.

Meanwhile, our fearless photographer Fred Marx, er, Christopher, headed to Aspen for the first evAH edition of the Aspen Women's Pro Race. Kirstin McGrath of PB & Co Twenty12 won the opening stage time trial. In the following day's circuit race, McGrath's team-mate Kristin Armstrong won the second stage, despite a spirited challenge from Colavita Forno d'Asolo. In the final stage, Anne Samplonius won the day. With her second place stage finish, Armstrong secured the overall victory. Here's to hoping this race survives and returns next year.

We also had the final women's World Cup race of the season in Plouay. Annemieke van Vleuten won the day, after her Nederland Bloeit team-mate Marianne Vos shut down a cheeky escape from Emma Pooley of Garmin-Cervélo. Missed the World Cup? Or just plain can't remember what happened? Pigeons has got you covered.

On the subject of Marianne Vos, we had the chance to interview her last week. What? You didn't read it? What are you waiting for?

As always the Vuelta a España put an end to a few riders' hopes for the upcoming World Championships. Matti Breschel and Tyler Farrar both suffered crashes last week. Here's hoping to a speedy recovery for both riders.

Injury reports got you down? Take a fun jaunt around London with the MuleBar girls.

The Vuelta also always makes us a little warm. To beat the heat, we learned how to make cold tomato soup. Nom nom nom. We like food.

And before I forget, if you'd like a Podium Cafe cycling kit? Go get one already!