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Vroomen: The Leopard-Shack Merger and the Hand of Trek

On today's edition of his blog, Gerard Vroomen speculates on the rumored merger between Leopard-Trek and RadioShack, both of whom boast Trek as a bike sponsor. Vroomen sees Trek as a key player in motivating the possible merger, and does some back-of-the-envelope calculating on the potential costs of running the teams together.

On paper, the merger makes a certain degree of sense. Leopard-Trek has no title sponsor and possible financial difficulties. The continued role of RadioShack, the title sponsor of the Tailwinds team, appears uncertain. What better way to solve the problem than merge the two teams who already share a bike sponsor? Of course, we all know what happens with things that make sense on paper, amiright?

If you're somewhat dazed and confused about this latest transfer shenanigan (Yes! Me!), Vroomen's account is a handy way to get up-to-date. And an invitation to speculate more. Because when it comes to speculation? More is most definitely better.