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Tour of Poland Stage 7 LIVE

Kraków - Kraków 128 km

Dan Martin leads the GC by 3 seconds so the story of the day is all about whether Sagan (or perhaps even Marco Marcato?) can grab enough bonusseconds to move past him and win the over-all classification. More on that below.

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Live video:17:30 CEST (11:30 US EDT, 01:30 AUS EST)
Video: steephill , cyclingfans , Myp2pProcyclinglive , Sports Livez.

The bonus seconds on offer at the finish are 10, 6 and 4 seconds  so if either Sagan or Marcato finish in the top 3 (and Martin does not) they take the win. There are also 3, 2 and 1 bonus seconds in the FIAT sprint that comes after 97 km. Should Sagan or Marcato win that sprint it would put them on equal time with Martin and they would pass him on GC since they both have lower combined placings on stages and that serves as the tiebreaker.