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Weekend VDS Smack Talk

Cycling doesn't get much busier than it is at the moment, and while Cyclemania continues to put the wood to the field in the Big Game, there is still plenty of intrigue in the battle for the other two podium spots, with ten teams separated by 800 points. See the left sidebar for the full list. Sitting in third, Burgi's Glorious Bastards are about to gorge themselves on JJ Cobo's pointalanche tomorrow. So the nearby teams had better brace themselves and kick some Montreal ass.

In the Ed's League, the big news is the (almost) 200-point lead I have opened up on Ruthann for the final Top Ten spot, thanks to Denis Galimzyanov, selected two rounds after Stijn Devolder, one of two donuts on my roster. Oh, and Jens has an 8-point lead over Monty, though that won't last unless Fabian Cancellara doubles up in Copenhagen on Monty's ace, Gilbert. Enjoy that jersey while it still fits, Jens.