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Where's Chris? And Gavia? And the Other Chris?

A little programming note... for now the answer is, in our usual undisclosed locations. I think Chris might be at Dick Cheney's hunting lodge. But starting later tomorrow, we'll be at Interbike, America's answer to Eurobike, a/k/a the biggest, baddest, bestest trade show that I can get to without crossing any oceans. And that last part, I think it has a different meaning in Las Vegas, if movies have taught me anything. And they have.

Anyhow, this will be an unusual week at the Cafe. We don't have much of a set agenda, besides Cross Vegas Wednesday night, which had damn well better have wifi. But we will be on the scene, posting whatever seems fun to post, probably in the form of video drop-ins and interviews. There's a Team 7-Eleven gathering that we hope to crash. There's gear porn everywhere you look. If the Italian Pavilion is offering food, there's Chris, Chris and Gavia. But undoubtedly there are innumerable other little cycling pleasures going on, and if you want to make suggestions, we will take them under advisement.

Oh, and if you'll be there, defo let us know. If we get a quorum, there will definitely be a system for making a system for planning a place to meet. Yay!