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ESPN: More details on the Leopard-Trek-RadioShack Deal

Over at ESPN, there are s'more details on the Leopard-Trek-RadioShack deal. Bonnie Ford has gone to town on this story and sorted out all the confusing bits for us. Thank goodness, because really, my feeble brain quailed at the prospect. I especially liked this quote from the RadioShack marketing chief:

RadioShack's chief marketing officer, Lee Applbaum, in his first comments on the record about the hybrid team, conceded that things had gotten off to a "less-than-perfect start" from a communications standpoint, but maintained the new venture is "a marketer's dream."

Less-than-perfect start. Understatement much? The dueling press releases were quality entertainment, really. Also, there's an amusing quote about Bruyneel from Applebaum. No word has yet emerged on what jersey Levi Leipheimer might wear next year, or how much cash Mercedes Luxembourg may extract in exchange for their supplanting by Nissan. Well, good luck with all that, Becca. I'm sure it all be one big happy family in the end.