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Flash photoreport from Worlds


I spent the day in Copenhagen to follow the timetrials today. Here is a very short report with some of the pics of the day.

The kid above is the surprise winner of the junior men's race, dane Mads Wurtz Schmidt who most likely had the day of his life so far. Winning at home and receiving the cheers of a packed Rådhustorvet , at age 17, is something he isn't likely to forget. The atmosphere at the prizeceremony was electric. Good on you kid, you just saved the event for the host-nation.


The full podium, James Oram, Mads Wurtz Schmidt and aussie David Edwards. The kids all did well to smile and  focus on the cameras. Denmark offers many distractions.6166445549_7b854c4e95_medium

After recovering from that prize-ceremony it was time for the elite women race. For a rundown of what actually happened read the race report but here are some random observations.


Asians love brulée. Latoya Brulée.


Shara Gillow was one of the least fortunate, having to ride when the rain was the most intense.......


....and so was Ellen van Dijk who almost certainly lost a medal to the wet conditions.


Meanwhile, eventual winner Judith Arndt made an artistic entrance. (I totally planned that shot)


The swedes left nothing on the road. Fahlinney had a great race....


....while Emma Johansson gave it 100% with the objective of getting a good warmup for Saturday.


Others got a little more gold out of their 100% effort.


Her first gold in a timetrial actually. Villumsen was a very happy silver medallist while Pooley is best left out of the picture. Not only does the girl need to work on her podium happyface, she is also the victim of the track-style, low-cut skinsuit and that combination means you get cut out of the podium pics.

And finally. Is this sign somehow symbolic?