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Interbike Eye Candy!

Now with more carbon!

In our last episode, I confessed my deep and undying lust for steel bikes. Yes, my friends, I love me some lugs. This time, we look at some carbon. There's also a few shots of the gruppos. Because you have to hang stuff on the bike to make it go.

Like any trade show, Interbike is ginormous. Really, you could camp out in there for several days and still not see everything cool on offer. Here are a few things we did see. And like. And take photos of.

Next time, I think I'll bring Barbie. I feel like he would have enjoyed seeing all the beautiful bikes.

You enter the Pinarello booth and really, it's nearly impossible to leave. You just want to stay forever.
I've always liked the wavy forks at Pinarello. So Salvador Dalí.

More Pinarello. This time, the melty Chainstays.

Pinarello time trial bike from the front. Be aero, go fast.

Specialized Amira. This is the top-level women's frameset from Specialized.
It's also the bike that the HTC-Highroad women have ridden to so many victories. Very swoopy carbon.

Specialized carbon 'crosser. With disc brakes! Also, tires so knobby.

Okay, okay, one steel shot. Another look at this scrumptious orange Merckx steel track ride.

One shot just isn't enough. Lugs, so luscious! From Eddy Merckx.
With their shiny paint, the steel bikes definitely have an unfair advantage in the photo contest.

Eddy Merckx. This time, in carbon and all dressed up in Campagnolo's finest.

Prototype electronic shifting from Campagnolo. The front derailleur.
How does it work? Magic, maybe.

Shimano started the latest round of electronic shifting shenanigans with Di2.
Here's the Ultegra shifters, new this year.

Shimano Ultegra crankset and Di2 Ultegra front derailleur.

SRAM Red rear derailleur.

SRAM Rival crankset on a crosser. Nobby goodness!
Also, I need a cross bike. Who's buying me one?

Next up? Some townies. Because a girl can't go fast all the time. It's like shoes. A girl's got to have a bike for every occasion. The bike race, the dirty adventure, the coffee shop. All the bikes, you really can't choose just one.


All photos by Christopher See. He retains all rights.