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Interbike Ambush: Campagnolo!


All this week, or however long it takes, Jen, Chris S and I are rolling out our impressions of Interbike. Today, I am starting with an old favorite of mine and (maybe) yours, Campagnolo. Part of what I aimed to do at Interbike was to talk to people (on video) about their purposes for attending the show -- everyone is there to increase sales, or to not be the company about whom people say "did you hear they weren't at Interbike?" But more specifically, a big company's objectives will differ a great deal from some of the smaller single-product attendees.

I chose to start with Campagnolo, for a few reasons. One, they are always a hot topic and this year is no exception. Their electronic shifting is a year into testing, including a season spent hanging from Movistar bikes, and it's headed to production... they promise! Two, they were my pick for what a big company talks about to a captive audience that has known about them for decades. And three, there's a special bonus reporter on scene with me, our very own R Mc! R, a/k/a Richard, is one of our tech guru regulars, so it was reassuring to have him on hand.

On the flip: talking tech with Lerrj Piazza of Campagnolo.

Without further ado... (you may need to turn up the volume):

Campy (via chrisfont9)

The electronic componentry, still under the place-saver name Campy Tech Lab, was apparently a big hit with the Movistar boys this year. And since it's Campagnolo, it's beautiful:


Campy have several wheel lines, at all prices and material types. This is their top of the line tubular:


Great visit, fun interview. Campy devotees like myself found little reason to change our minds at Interbike.

Photos by Chris See, all rights reserved. Look often, but don't touch without permission!