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Interbike Eye Candy of a Different Flavor: Urban Bikes

A Linus town bike, with basket. And, coffee cup holder. So dialed.

I spent my share of hours on my carbon road bike, but I may well spend even more time on my townie. My current townie, one of a rather lengthy succession, is a 1956 Schwinn Tornado. I put a 22 cog on it, and zoom we go. Those women in the 1950s? They were badass. Seriously. I don't know how they pushed the monster cruiser gears. Anyway, I love my Schwinn.

But lately, I've been seeing these new urban-styled bikes around town. They're like my Schwinn, only newer. And since they're not made out of solid steel tubes, they're lighter. I begin to feel lustful thoughts toward these bikes. My Schwinn feels blue with envy. Oh, right, it already was blue.

At Interbike, we grabbed a few photos of these stylish machines. I'm a fan partly because I spend a lot of time rolling around town doing errands on my bike. So, a stylish townie? Yes, please. They aren't the ideal bike for a long commute, I'd probably still reach for the roady for that job. But for errands and coffee runs, sign me up.

I think I also like these bikes, because when I was in grad school I worked in a bike shop. And people would come to the shop and they'd just want a bike to ride around town. And all we could offer at that time was a mountain bike. If I had a dollar for every time we put slick tires on a mountain bike, I so would not have had to work in the bike shop. And I probably would not have bothered with grad school either for that matter. Anyway? Townies. We needed townies for all these people who came in just looking for a bike to ride around.

The particular townies here are not inexpensive. But they have style. So that counts for something, amiright? Enjoy the eye candy of a slightly different flavor.

Globe bikes come from Specialized.
They make townie-basket bike style rides and single-speed hipster mobiles.
This is one of the town cruisers. Lighter and faster than my '56 Schwinn, but not blue.

Everyone knows that girls only ride bikes that carry wine.
Okay, I carry wine on my townie. Also, I feel conflicted over this bike.
It's not blue. But it's awfully cute.

This black beauty is a Virtue. I see them around my town on occasion.
I keep looking for Vice to come jumping out of the bushes.

The leather details probably would not hold up in the rain, but they look swank.

It's blue! Linus makes beautifully painted townie bikes.
My Schwinn is suddenly feeling very jealous.

Or, if you don't like colors, Linus also makes white.
This is your before Labor Day bike, if you worry about such things.

Canvas sacks of various sorts and various colors for carrying various stuff.

Okay, I'm off to ride my Schwinn home from the coffee shop now. Maybe I'll stop and buy some wine along the way. Bikes, what can't they do?


Photos by Christopher See. He retains all rights. View the complete Interbike Gallery.