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Tuesday Morning Reading: The Leopard-Shack Hookup

For those of you lovely people who took the day off yesterday, you have returned to find all number of shenanigans. Did you have a fun day? I know I did.

The biggest news to come out yesterday while we were all out playing is The Big Merge. Yes, Leopard-Trek and RadioShack are forming a new team together. Want to read the official press release? Here it is, though it doesn't say all that much. The Leopard-Trek owners still hold the pro tour license, according to the press release. And, RadioShack and Nissan join in as sponsors. Sounds simple.

It all sounds simple until you start thinking about rosters and team management and which riders will ride for the newly rebranded team. See? I can read press release. Not a new team, a rebranding. Anyway, about the riders. After a day at the beach, this is far, far too complicated for my feeble brain to take in. Fortunately, Bonnie Ford is here to help. Dazed and confused about the details of the Leopard-Trek-Shack hookup? Head over to ESPN and get a little less confused.