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UCI Press Release on Leopard-RadioShack Hijinx

The UCI has today issued a press release on the reported "rebranding" of the Leopard-Trek team. Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Rebranding? According to the press releases so far, we have Leopard-Trek taking on the sponsors RadioShack and Nissan. Brian Nygaard has left the building. Johann Bruyneel will reportedly take over the team management. The existing Leopard-Trek riders have contracts, while the RadioShack riders will have to scrap for contracts. Got all that?

Well, it seems that the UCI has No Idea! Merger? Rebranding? What is all this? Today, the international cycling union issued a press release:

The International Cycling Union is aware of the information published in the media concerning the project to create a team for the 2012 season called RadioShack-Nissan – Trek Professional Cycling Team.

The UCI has also learned from the same sources of the intention of the CSE Pro Cycling LLC – financial managers of the American team RadioShack – to give up the UCI WorldTour licence that it had been granted for the 2010-2013 period.

The UCI is currently evaluating the information received and is not available to comment further at this time.

UCI Press Services

Oh UCI, I so heart you.