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Specialized-lululemon team videos

There are some great videos coming from Specialized-lululemon - here are some as a New Year treat!

More below the jump - and as always, links to other fun things in the comments.... including to Chloe Hosking's comments on Pat McQuaid!

EDIT! And now the team has a website - which will be well worth bookmarking, it's already a lot of fun!

Here's Evie Stevie getting a bike fit - and a saddle named after her!

and Ally Stacher, with some fun bio about the rider (& lots of guns)

and Katie Colclough:

and here are some video interviews from Pedal, starting with Ina-Yoko Teutenberg:

and Clara Hughes, who has a great laugh!

Amber Neben

and team boss Kristy Scrymgeour