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Kit Review: Omega Pharma Quick Step!

I told you guys to stop me before I wrote about Quick Step again, but nobody listened. So here goes. Our friend Patrick passes on the official Team OPQS photos for your fashion consideration. You've seen Tommeke in the general Kit thread so here's Peter Velits:


One more on the flip...

How about some American flavor?


The good: The side view makes it clear that they have balanced out the baby blue pretty effectively with black framing. The red accent is happenstance of Specialized, but a very nice effect. I'm kind of digging this.

The bad: The old Quick Step medium blue looks terrible from the front with the rest of the new color scheme. Also happenstance of the sponsor, and not at all a nice effect. Not sure what can be done about it.

The ugly: The American accenting is definitely NOT working for me. Old Glory Red and Old Glory Blue are far more flattering than the colors they used. Basically, the Quick Step Flooring Company has taken this otherwise nice kit hostage. Or maybe killed the hostage. I'll wait to see it in action before saying for sure.

All photos copyright of Tim De Waele, used with permission via Team Omega Pharma Quick Step