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De Kaalm... Before de Storm

Wk_koksijde_12-01-27_016_mediumI'm so giddy about the Cross worlds that I'm making up Dutch words that don't exist. [Please say this word doesn't exist, or if it does, that it's not patently offensive.] Anyway, the Podium Cafe will be all over the CX worlds this weekend. I can't keep track of everyone who's actually going to the thing, but I know we'll have some post-race impressions posting. And I know we have our man Patrick Verhoest credentialed for photos. Patrick is in Koksijde today and sends the following:

Koksijde is getting ready ... the village of Koksijde is situated at the sea (about 50 kms from my place). It isn't possible anymore to buy tickets , they estimate about 50 000 to 55 000 spectators over the 2 days …A lot of beer is going to be drunk …you may be sure of that.

Yes, I need no further assurance on that point. Actually that describes most weekends in Flanders, but this one even more so. Here are a couple more pictures from around the village today.


Cyclo art is nothing new in this neck of the woods. But this takes it to another level:


Because nothing says Christmas like muddy tracks.

Photos by Patrick Verhoest