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The Week We Talked About Cyclocross

This week has been so all about cross. Unless you've been living under a rock - and really, if you have been, get out of there! Come out into the light! This weekend is the cyclocross world championship in Koksijde. Not sure what that means?

Check out the Worlds course preview. Hint! There's sand. Or, just watch the Jeremy Powers video.

Not sure who's racing? We got you covered with a preview of that, too. If that's not enough, there's a Cross Worlds Power Poll for extra cross goodness.

Will anyone beat Marianne Vos? Read the women's cross worlds preview and find out. Or, just watch the bike race on Sunday. You can do that too.

We also got acquainted with the U23 men's field. Word is some dude named Lars is pretty good at this cross thing.

Between getting all hyped on the cross races, we found time to say a fond farewell to this year's Tour Down Under. But don't be sad! It'll be back next year!

We also talked about photo copyrights. What?! You didn't read it? There will be a test!

Upcoming Attractions!

This weekend, it's all cross racing, all the time.

Next week? Zomg! What ever will we do when it's over?!