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Women's Tour of Qatar: Camels, Crosswinds, and How To Pack

The GreenEdge women show us how to - and how not to - pack for the Tour of Qatar. I like how Tiffany Cromwell almost keeps a straight face at the end. But not quite.

The women's Tour of Qatar starts tomorrow on 1 February. Cyclingfever has your startlist, which includes a mix of trade and national teams. This race is typically a sprint and cross-wind fest.

A few notable names: Giorgia Bronzini (Diaora-Pasta Zara), Chloe Hosking (Specialized-lululemon), Kirsten Wild (Netherlands), Shelley Olds and Coryn Rivera (U.S.), Judith Arndt (GreenEdge), Tatiana Guderzo and Marta Bastianelli (MCipollini), and Noemi Cantele (Italy).

Also, there will be camels.