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Kit Crit: Vacansoleil DCM!

Stronger! Faster! Whiter!?

The Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team 2012 (via vacansoleildcm)

The Good: Here's the basic version. More white in the chest, arms and sides than last year's mostly blue effort. It's a more balanced look than before, and a nice change, especially compared to the unbalanced look they achieved in 2011 when the all blue jersey was paired with white armbands. Another +1 to how subtle the yellow looks next to all the white. Dutch champs kit looks very stylish on Pim Ligthart, in part because his shorts apparently won't have the tire track, or suspension bridge treads, or whatever that yellow swoop is.

The Bad: Too busy. Five sponsors on the front alone? Couldn't they have given exclusive real estate and spread the names around more?

The Ugly: Sergey Lagutin's Uzbek Champs kit. The fault likes with the national flag of Ubeki-beki-bekistan, but the end result is still a toxic brew of dark, bright and neon. Incidentally, what Uzbekistan lacks in flag fashions, it makes up for in national emblem awesomeness. Had they found a way to work that in to Lagutin's kit, I'd be handing out Buy recommendations.

Overall, things are looking up for Vacansoleil in 2012, at least on the fashion front. And that's a start.