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Belgian CX Nats... LIVE

A preview here, if you want to read up some.

The race starts at 15h CET, that's an hour after this thread goes live.

Turns out the race is not broadcast on Sporza but on 2BE, which annoys me to no end, since the only cycling they broadcast are the cyclo and road national champs, and they thus suck at it.
Still, links on cyclingfans and sports-livez

In the meanwhile, good thoughts go out to Bart Wellens, who was rushed to intensive care last night, with an acute fever attack which affected his heart muscle. With multiple organ failure (liver and kidneys) he was in serious, life-threatening trouble, but his condition is stable now. He's not out of the woods yet though, so fingers crossed for him.

Sven Nys suffered a blockage in his back this morning, and for a while thought he wouldn't even be able to start today. Turns out it isn't that bad, he will start, but he didn't sound very confident about his chances. On verra.