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FSA Directeur Sportif: Last Call for Podium Places!

The Cycling Season is almost over, and that means we will know the winner of the FSA Directeur Sportif Men's Competition very, very soon.

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Fsa-ds_mediumAre we ready for the coronation? The FSA Directeur Sportif wraps up very soon, with but two stages in China and the Chrono des Nations (I think) still to happen. We pretty much know Tony Martin is going to win the Tour of Beijing again, since there is precious little selectivity remaining in the final two stages and he has 40 seconds in hand over his nearest challengers. There is nothing Tony does poorly enough to cost him the win, as long as fate's fickle hand doesn't get hold of him.

Currently, the FSA DS standings show the following:

  1. Wafelijzer, bvl, 19,473
  2. Waterboys 3.0, Hydrocycle, 19,172
  3. Anthony Roux et 48 Roues Dans le Boue, Holdenmate, 19,017
  4. Haence Armstrong, Princebuster, 18,397
  5. The Elocution of Phil and Paul, Downdog, 18,362

Number of teams on this list possessing Tony Martin and his forthcoming 150 points? One. Wafelijzer. Elocution has Edvald Boasson Hagen, currently sitting fourth in China, and apart from that the results in Beijing won't affect the standings unless they change a lot before Saturday. As for the Chrono des Nations, it's not clear to me who if anyone is attending, but even then, as a Cat-6 race, with 100 points being the top prize, the chances of it flipping the standings aren't great. It's pretty safe to say that we have our podium, and only steps 2 and 3 are completely undecided... with an outside shot at the top step still on the line.

Over in the Editors' League, things are quite different (including the point totals -- remember, this is a draft league, with 12 rider teams, totally different scale). Check this out:

  1. Drew, 6975
  2. umwolverine, 6973
  3. Ursula, 6859
  4. Dansel, 6475
  5. Elvisgoat, 6154

This is one hell of a race. Drew has come from behind thanks to Purito Rodriguez' heroics in Italy, and long-time leader Dansel, in his first season, has suddenly crumpled like a wet paper cup. Dansel does have Gavazzi on his team, currently sitting second in Beijing, and ready to help Dansel... save face. But the team sitting pretty with Tony Martin is... umwolverine. Her conquest is almost complete. Drew's squad is like a ship in a gyre, nothing to do but hope, while his closest rivals are still on the move. umwolverine doesn't have anyone else in contention, so she can still lose by two points if Martin can't stay on his bloody bike, but I like her chances. It's all in Panzerwagen's hands.

Me, I lost at everything this year. But that's a longer post. Stay tuned!