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Welcome to hilly Ronse madness: first bpost leg... LIVE

Hills, (hopefully) rain, and some added excitement with a new format... welcome to Ronse.

Balint Hamvas

Type: hilly
Previous podium: Pauwels, Stybar, Albert
TV: Sporza

It's only the third edition, but this race has already captured the heart of many a cx fan. Or maybe it's just me, that could be the case also. It's raced on the Hotondberg (highest 'mountain' of the province of Oost-Vlaanderen, at a whopping 145 metres). The hill is its main feature, but the race uses it well. Also, when it rains Ronse is hilarious. Plus, there's this awesome ridge. The GVA-leg in Ronse also goes by the name GP Mario De Clercq, after the Sunweb DS. So Pauwels and KVT should do well here. Theoretically.

YouTube (if you're feeling down, fast forward to 11min and everything will be alright again)


1 Niels Albert
2 Sven Nys
3 Kevin Pauwels
4 Tom Meeuwsen
5 Klaas Vantornhout
6 Rob Peeters
7 Radomir Simunek
8 Bart Wellens
9 Dieter Vanthourenhout
11 Sven VanThourenhout
12 Philipp Walseben
13 Arnaud Jouffroy
15 Vincent Baestaens
16 Joeri Adams
17 Jim Arnouts
18 Bart Arnouts
19 Simon Zahner
20 ThiJs van Amerongen
21 Marius Gil
22 Gerben De Knegt
23 Aurelien Duval
24 Ian Fiels
25 Matthieu Boulo
26 Marcel Meisen
27 Jonathan Page
28 Twan Van Den Brand
29 Thijs Al
30 Martin Zlamalik
31 Jan Denuwelaere
32 Tom Van Den Bossche
33 Kenneth Van Compernolle
34 Sven Beelen
35 Kevin Cant
36 Boden Stef
37 Lars Van Der Haar
38 Wubben Niels
39 De Cleyn Dave
40 Van Empel Micki
41 Van Ijzendoorn Eddy
42 Van Leeuwen Patrick
43 Huys Stijn
44 Willemyns Mathieu
45 Eeckhout Kevin
46 Denolf Gianni
47 Hofman Bart
48 Kiser Kyle
49 Egoitz Murgoito Rekalde
50 Revell Alexander

Picture by Balint Hamvas, More fun times in the Cyclocross 2011/2012 photo book.