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Rabo pressconference details

In a pressconference held in Utrecht Bruggink the financial director of Rabobank expanded on the details of their withdrawal.

While it seems much of the practical details are still to be ironed out it is clear that none of the riders are in trouble for the 2013 season. The pro teams will be managed by a separate foundation to be set up independently from Rabobank and will continue operations for the 2013 season under a "no-name" brand.

The Continental development team and the Offroad team (CX & MTB) will most likely continue under the dutch federation KNWU, funded by Rabo for as long as they are already comitted to.

The women's team seems in a bit of an unclear situation. Rabobank re-affirmed it's commitment to support Marianne Vos in her preparations for the 2016 Olympics. They also included "and her teammates" but it was not specified just how this would happen. They might be handled by the same foundation as the men's team but it seems they haven't gotten as far as deciding the actual solution. That they will honor their contractual, financial commitments to the women as well is clear though.