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New "White Label" team statement on the way ahead

Clarification from Rabobank on what will happen in the 2013 season

The cycling team is pleased with the opportunity that Rabobank will give the cycling teams to continue in the cycling sport, despite the bad news. Rabobank has trained generations of riders from young riders to the professionals they are now. It graces Rabobank the fact it is giving the cycling teams the chance to make a new start despite of this separation.

The professionals and the women will be put as ‘white label’ under a new foundation yet to be established, while the continentals and the crossers will be accommodated by the Dutch Cycling Federation. The careers of a generation of riders will this way be secured.

The ‘white label’ team has instructions to continue on its own as soon as possible. Harold Knebel, the current director of the cycling teams, will be managing the transition. The cycling team will later report about the remaining composition of the new start. The cycling team will continue with the confidence it is following the right path.

Source: Rabobank