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Following example by Team Sky, Norwegian federation demands anti-doping statement from riders and staff

Norwegian Cycling Federation demands signed anti-doping statement from all of its UCI teams.

Chris Fontecchio

Last week, Team Sky reaffirmed its position on anti-doping last week by demanding a signed declaration of cleanliness of all its riders and staff. Now, Karl Lima, Team Manager of the Hitec Products professional women’s team, says that the Norwegian Cycling Federation (Norges Cykleforbund) is demanding a similar signed statement from all of its UCI teams.

"Norwegian federation demands a 'Skylike' signed antidoping statement from all UCI teams," Lima stated on his personal Twitter account. "Applies to all the riders individual coaches too..."

This comes just days after retired Norwegian rider Steffen Kjaergaard, a former teammate of Lance Armstrong, admitted having used banned performance-enhancing drugs. Kjaergaard was immediately removed from his job as sports director for the Norwegian Cycling Federation.

In an effort to show the world that they are a clean team, Team Sky announced last week that every member of the Sky team and staff would asked to write and sign a statement confirming that they have no past or present involvement in doping. Anybody refusing to sign the policy will have his contract terminated and those lying about a doping history will receive a stiff penalty.

Thus far, Sports Director Steven de Jongh and Race Coach Bobby Julich have left Team Sky while the retirement of Sean Yates is said to have no connection to the doping probe.