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Specialized-Lulelemon’s Emilia Fahlin and Chloe Hosking join Hitec Products for 2013 season

Specialized-Lulelemon’s Emilia Fahlin and Chloe Hosking to ride for Hitec Products in 2013.

Courtesy Team Hitec Products UCK

Specialized-Lulelemon's Emilia Fahlin and Chloe Hosking will both be riding for Hitec Products in 2013, the Norwegian team announced.

The Swedish time trialist Fahling and Australian sprinter Hosking have officially signed their contracts and will be joining other new additions, Rachel Neylan and Rossella Ratto.

"Both riders are young in age but very experienced as cyclists. They will bring in the confidence and knowledge gathered riding for years with the world’s best sprinter Ina Yoko Teutenberg and world champion time trialist Judith Arndt," stated Hitec’s team manager, Karl Lima, in a press release.

Fahlin, 23, is a triple Swedish ITT champion and once-time Swedish road champion. She has raced professionally since 2007 for teams such as T-Mobile, HTC Columbia, HTC Highroad and Specialized Lululemon. On the road, Fahlin is is known for reeling in a break or leading out the sprinters, but Fahlin’s real power shines in time trials.

According to the press release, Fahlin looks forward to be back on a Scott Plasma, on which she has had her best results.

Hosking, 22, is one of the world’s best sprinters and will find a good match with Hitec’s current sprinter, Emilie Moberg. Hosking entered the womens peloton in 2009 with winning ‘Tour of Chongming Island’ in China.

Previously, she rode for HTC Columbia, HTC highroad, and Specialized Lulelemon. This year she won major races like ‘Ronde van Drente 8’, ‘Halle Buizingen’ and a stage at ‘Route de France’.

What attracted Hitec to Fahlin and Hosking in addition to their obvious results is their ability to put their own goals aside and sacrifice everything for the team when needed. "It is an ability that is valued above all other skills in our team," Lima states.