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Some in, Some out, Some shuffling, Some biting the dust - Another Day in Transferland

Lots of names are still keeping quiet about where they will be riding in 2013 (We're talking in particular of top 5 riders named Emma), but little stories trickling out are beginning to give us an idea of how next year will look in the women's peloton.

Bryn Lennon - Getty Images

Team Argos-Shimano will have a team of ten riders next year. So far they have signed contracts with seven: Amy Pieters, Kelly Markus and Esra Tromp will return from this year's team, and will be joined by Kirsten Wild, nominally on AA Drink in 2012 although mostly absent preparing to ride the track in this year's Olympics, Charlotte Becker, another departure from Specialised-lululemon, two-time Junior World Champion Lucy Garner and Marlen Jöhrend who shows that whatever problems Abus Nutrixxion may have had this year, their successes weren't unnoticed. Negotiations are continuing with regard to the final three places.

Barbara Guarischi, promising young sprinter, winner of the silver medal at last year's European Championships, and pool princess, will be riding for Vaiano Tepso in 2013.

Aude Biannic, whose10th place in the Olympic Road Race is but one of the highlights of a year spent racing for local team Equipe DN Bretagne, looks to move up by signing for Vienne Futuroscope. SO the rumour goes anyway. Rabobank are apparently interested, but she would prefer to ride for a French team.

Those hoping to see her develop a partnership there with French champion Marion Rousse will however be disappointed as she has packed her bag and headed across the border to join Lotto Belisol. That's quite a collection of National Champions that they are gathering.

To make room for all the signings we've heard about so far, a couple of 2012 Lotto riders are moving on. On Saturday ex Belgian champion Ludivine Henrion went out in style (and no, fix is not the word you are looking for), outsprinting Marianne Vos in her home town of Corswarem. Of course the writing was on the cards from the day all the camel pictures vanished from the website she shares with boyfriend Olivier Kaisen.

And 25 year old Belgian lawyer Sofie De Vuyst will be wearing the blue and white of Sengers in 2013.

Three-time Swiss Champion Jennifer Hohl is hanging up her bike, swapping it for a Yorkie bar. Or to be more precise, at the age of just 26, she is giving up competitive cycling to take over the family transport business.

Her last year as a full-time pro may have been more than a little frustrating, Emma Silversides seems to have greatly enjoyed her time with Sengers, and looks likely to continue to stay in touch with the cycling world in some as yet unspecified way. She also sounds to be very busy right now, so anyone who is looking to give a bit of cycling related artwork to their loved ones for Christmas is advised to get in there quickly.

Following news of the end of AA Drink, it has been announced that Team Specialized DPD SRAM will not be continuing in next year. The team grew out of club team WV Eemlandp, and picked up a group of sponsors when the team that they supported moved to Scotland to become Team Ibis Cycles. There is perhaps grounds for a glimmer of optimism in that manager Andrea Bosman doesn't sound as if she's finished with the sport yet.

Another race bits the dust. Next year there will be no GP Stad Roeselare as the town has decided instead to focus all its efforts on the Natourcriterium Roeselare, a recent addition to the post Tour de France criterium circuit. No news yet on whether they will include a women's race as part of the festivities.