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Hamme-Zogge Bollekescross... LIVE

A cx race named after a beer. Perfect fit, ain't it?

Type: who knows?
Previous podium: Stybar, Pauwels, Nys
TV: Vier

Bollekescross is like San Sebastian, in that even if you don't remember the race itself you probably will recognise the podiumshots. San Seb has the pancake hat, Bollekescross has really, really big glasses of beer. Play to your strengths, I suppose. The race has gotten a bit of a redesign this year - the site mentions the bollekesberg getting a 'facelift', and then there's lots of talk about party tents and bad artists doing gigs. So, I guess we'll have to wait and see. But at least we can hope it rains as much as in 2010, when the country got flooded in the days before the race (see youtube). That was awesome.

Map (haven't got one at the moment. this is better)
YouTube (look at that mud! whoa)

As always, huge thanks for the picture Balint