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Cx double header coming up: Hasselt and Asper-Gavere

It's another one of those weekends with two cx races on the program. On Sunday, there's the 'classic' Asper-Gavere; on Saturday it's party time in Hasselt, home of jenever. Schol!

KVT jumping over the logs at GP Hasselt.
KVT jumping over the logs at GP Hasselt.
Balint Hamvas

Hasselt, bpost bank trophy

Hasselt is a fairly artificial race, where the circuit is looped across the grounds of the municipal swimming pool, playground, tennis courts and skate park. It's the tennis courts where I got the scar on my right knee, the playground where I used to conquer my slight fear of heights by climbing all the way to the top of the spiderweb-contraption (which they tore down earlier this year, alas), the swimming pool where the waterrapids got progressively less rapid as I got older.

As for the circuit itself - it's mostly flat, but the organisation has thrown in just about every kind of cx trap there is: a couple sand pits, an off camberish snake shaped section, a couple of pushed down logs, a few bridges. A bit for everyone, though all in all it's a pretty sane race.

The past two years, Yoah won this one.

Asper-Gavere, Superprestige

The day after, we're on to Asper-Gavere. The Vier dudes really like marketing this as the classic of all classics, mostly because they co-sponsor the Superprestige series, which means they casually forget a lot of cooler races like Zonhoven, Koppenbergcross, Namur, Koksijde, Scheldecross, GP Baal...

That isn't to say that Asper-Gavere isn't fun. But really, it's not the RVV or PR-equivalent of cx. The twisty bits in the forest and the downhill sections are the bits to look out for.

Picture by Balint Hamvas,