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Hasselt cx... LIVE

The third leg of the Bpost bank trophy. Niels Albert currently has a 54s lead over Nys, and a 2min17s gap on Pauwels.

17: Hasselt (GVA)

Type: flat. fast. miscellaneous obstacles.
Previous podium: Pauwels, Stybar, Nys
TV: Sporza

The Hasselt race bends and corners around the skate park and municipal pool of Hasselt, the home of jenever. It's a fairly fast race on pretty flat ground, with just about any cx obstacle added to it. Bridges? Check. Sand pit? Check. Foresty bit? Check. Tree logs? Check. Admittedly, it would be cooler if they had the riders climb the stairs of the big slide and whoosh on down, but that may be asking too much.

YouTube (full Sporza HD episode. Try to find me!)